Mint Condition Mind and Body

Mission Statement: 

Mint Condition Mind and Body provides education and support for individuals to create healthy changes. By implementing small steps, healthy habit tools and creating joy along the way, motivation for healthy living is found. The mission is to create and sustain change so you can LIVE your happiest and healthiest life.


Mint Condition Mind and Body aims to teach and demonstrate the foundational principals that mind and body wellness are successfully built upon.

  • Education - Learn what you need to know to reach your goals. It's at your fingertips. Or pay an expert for even better results.

  • Joy - When joy is a part of the process, less push is needed to get the job done. There is a natural pull that starts to provide actions that align with the end goal.

  • Small Wins - When working towards a big goal, it is much more advantageous to break the goal into smaller, more manageable steps. This shifts the focus from the outcome to the process and allows for small successes that turn into habits.

  • Self Care - Focus is first placed on the individual or the business. It is nurtured so that foundation can be built. Resulting in the excess time, money, and energy to focus on nurturing family, friends, and communities. Fill your cup first and then let the extra love pour over to those next in need.

  • Start Again - There is no such thing as failure or mistakes, these are simply opportunities to learn something new. If you take the time to learn what is needed, the lessons will only help you reach your goals faster. Reflect, regroup, restart.


About Jennifer...

When I first began my fitness career as a personal trainer over 10 years ago, I thought success was all about minutes on the treadmill and counting calories. While those things do play a part in the process of moving towards a happier and healthier life, there are many factors that contribute to increasing your health and wellness. Good health is not achieved simply by changing your diet, it is achieved when you cleanse both your body and mind. You are not only what you eat, but what you think as well. Big changes can happen when you build momentum by starting small and scaling back as new habits are created. As you create new healthy habits, the old ones fall aside and you have a new normal. I use personal training and yoga instruction as a tool to help you analyze what is working for you in your diet, movement and mindset, and then help you move towards letting go of what no longer serves you.  

I use my Sports Medicine Degree and Health and Fitness Masters (from UCF, Go Knights!) to help create safe fitness experiences, tailored to meet your needs. I am also an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and 300 Hour Yoga Instructor from Warrior ONE Yoga & Spin. Born in Winter Park, Florida I feel I must also add that I use my MBA from Rollins (Go Tars!) to continue to build the business and the life that I truly love.

I am a fun loving Pisces that will always choose activities that are outdoors, on the water, and with great music when I have free time. My English Bulldog Coconut helps me to not take things so seriously :) Please feel free to message me below with any questions. 

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