Thank you for exploring more options to work with me. The Private In-Home Personal Training and Yoga calendar has hit its capacity. Thank you for each client that fill my days with joy. 

Interested in Online Wellness Coaching? This type of coaching revolves more around habit change and troubleshooting health and wellness goals. The goal is to aid you in creating a plan that sticks, that creates a “new normal” filled with healthy habits and actions. These are basically consulting calls with me, incorporating the knowledge I have gained in my education, 12+ years of personal training, yoga instruction AND my own struggles of changing my life (aka letting go of alcohol) to help you move closer to your happiest, healthiest life!

Each Session includes a Video Coaching Call + Follow Up Email with the tools you need to create change inside and out.

These calls can be a one-time call aimed at answering a specific question, such as:

  • What is the keto diet and would it be good for me?

  • How can I stay active while recovering from an injury?

  • What type of cardio is best for me?

  • What is my plan missing?

OR they can be used as monthly coaching to help move through bigger shifts like:

  • Starting a fitness journey.

  • Trying to get out of a plateau.

  • Moving through a rough patch.

  • In need of an accountability buddy to hold space in your week for you to do this wellness work. 

Options for Coaching include: **These are introductory VIP Prices :)

  • Single Session - $66 for ONE 50 minute Coaching Call + follow up emails. This is great for anyone looking to explore coaching or anyone looking to fine tune their current wellness routines.

  • One Month of Coaching - $222 for FOUR 50 minute Coaching Calls + Follow Up Emails. This is great for anyone jump starting their fitness journey or looking to mix things up in their current wellness routine. **Book a Connection Call to get this package started.

  • 3 Months of Coaching - $555 for TWELVE Coaching Calls + Follow Up Emails. This is the best option for anyone looking to make a big shift in there current wellness routines. **Book a Connection Call to get this package started.