Thank you for exploring more options to work with me. The Private In-Home Personal Training and Yoga calendar has hit its capacity, but you can check out the online offerings available below.

Mindset & Chakra Shift - 6 Week Online Coaching

For years I focused on teaching clients how to exercise and eat better, which is very useful information but within the last few years I realized that having the information doesn’t always translate into making healthy decisions. Often we think we just need more willpower, but willpower will only work for so long. We get tired and go back to the old patterns we’ve been trying to change. Some think they just need more discipline, but instead of discipline what if self-love and intention got you the results you’re looking for?

Change your mind to change your body. Change your mind to change your life.

In this Online One to One coaching, you will learn:

  • How to shift into new loving and healthy habits and patterns by investigating thoughts, emotions and actions that regularly arise.

  • How to reprogram old beliefs to new ones that support your growth.

  • You will experience the difference of making decisions from a place of fear versus a place of love.

  • You will learn about our energy system and the chakras to help you play into this work. We will explore specific chakras each week through healing sessions. *Reiki energy work is included for those open and interested.

  • You will learn how self-care saved my life and how it leads to a self-love that inspires healthy decisions.

  • You will gain wisdom directly from your body and even your soul about what’s best for you.

  • You will receive love and support from me throughout the 6 weeks.

Cost: $444 Payment plans are available.

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