Move your body everyday. Listen to it and it will tell you what it needs.
— Jennifer

Tidbits - 

Fill your stress toolbox with healthy coping mechanisms. What kind of healthy coping mechanisms do you enjoy?

2 Minutes - Healthy Holidays.

This video shows a few variations of how to progress from a very basic wall push up to a more advanced 3 Point Push Up. Tips for Proper Push Up Form: - Maintain a tight core, moving everything at once. - Master the previous version before progressing.

This short video shows multiple variations of a squat. There is a version that will work for everyone. Tips for Proper Squat Form: - Sit back on your heels (you should be able to see and wiggle your toes when at the bottom) - Move your hips back first, not your knees.

Burn Calories and Energy - 

12 Minute Core Workout - All Levels

This is a workout that gets your heart rate up while focusing on core strengthening and toning. Build up to 5 Rounds and then you can use it as a warm up. 

A workout to target your back and chest muscles that of course works your core and booty too :) You also get to see me struggle to finish all of the push ups! Yikes.

Here is a total body workout that uses an exercise band as your source of resistance. Perform the routine 1-3 times depending on skill level and time available. Something is better than nothing!!! Music: Temper Trap - Drum Song, Sweet Disposition, Love Lost, Fader.

This is a workout designed for you while on your travels using exercise bands. Repeat up to 2 times and follow with some stretches or go for a walk, run, or more activity. ♡♡♡ 

This is a medium level workout. It is aimed to target most of the major muscle groups that runners use most, providing a total body workout that also targets the core/posture muscles and range of motion. Not a runner? No worries... its a total body workout!
This workout hits the entire body, with low impact moves and all you need is a mat! Use this as an easy morning routine or string it together 3-5x for a full body workout.
This plyometric workout is designed to blast fat while toning your thighs and booty. 3-5 Rounds of this circuit will result in a fabulous lower half.

Stretch, Calm and Recover - 

Yin Yoga practice for anyones that sits :)

15 Minute Chair Yoga - Great for a lunch break or travel :)

This is a Yin Yoga series perfect after a long night of standing at a concert. Put on some comfy clothes and grab your yoga mat and some pillows and reduce your achiness from standing still for hours.