My Gratifying Morning Routine

Hey! If you've read any of my previous posts about creating a morning routine, you will know that this has been high on my list of priorities. While this routine still doesn't happen every day or as early as I would like, it is definitely my favorite part of the day when it does happen. 

This isn't really a follow along video, it is simply a demonstration of how I go from sleepy and stiff to feeling loosey-goosey and energized in a manner of minutes. Yes, music and coffee are involved. 

In the time it takes to listen to two songs, I was able to stretch my spine, foam roll my troubled hip areas, squeeze in some core work and get my heart rate up a little with some good old fashion dance/hula hooping. Followed with lots of water and a healthy (protein and fiber filled) breakfast, and I'm ready to tackle my day.

If you dread moving each morning try adding some of your favorite things to make it as enjoyable as possible.