You Cannot Hack Health and Wellness.

I have seen numerous articles with some sort of "10 Simple Weight Loss Hacks" type of title. While these articles usually have great tips that will in fact contribute to weight loss, the term hack does not sit well with me. These articles fall in line with any sort of "Lose Weight Fast" or even worse "Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days" type articles and I have had enough.

First off, it is unhealthy to lose weight really fast because in order to do so you have to go to extremes, both in your calorie intake and in your exercise intensity and duration. Even further, these extreme measures are not able to be maintained long term, resulting in very short term weight loss (most of which is water and muscle loss). Who the hell wants to do all of that work for such a short pay off?? I know who, individuals that have bought into the instant gratification nonsensical bullshit that our society has pushed on everyone. From weight loss to get rich quick schemes, everyone is looking for the short cut, the magic pill, the fat sucking wrap or machine, the money back guarantee for their happiness. 

When it comes to losing weight there is a way to use magic to your advantage. When you decide that you are going to make changes in order to lose weight and feel better about yourself, you discover other wonderful changes that start to happen in your life. Even more, when you decide to approach your weight loss goals with love and kindness, aiming to make your life richer and more fulfilling, magical things start to happen. You start to try new things, new foods, new forms of activity. You start to feel more comfortable in your own skin, glowing with confidence and smiling from the inside out. You start to have more energy and less sickness, enabling you to experience more things. You start to meet new people that share this love of choosing fun and rejuvenating activities over ones that simply involve eating and drinking. Most of all you start to develop a serious sense of self-love that opens the door to a new and wonderful way of living life. If you use these new experiences as your daily dose of inspiration, your weight will start to disappear, like magic.