Actions are based on beliefs. What is it that you believe?

What are your beliefs when it comes to your health and wellness (mind, body and soul)? One of my current "gurus" is Jen Sincero . In her latest book she talks about "mastering the mindset of wealth". While there are many, many amazing tidbits in You Are A Badass at Making Money, the way she explained what drives our actions has changed my life. No joking. Life changing. 

We often try to work harder and willpower our way through changing our actions but as I've discussed before, we only have limit efforts and willpower is not an infinite resource. It is for this reason that it's crucial to have other tools in the habit change tool box for those times when our willpower has been depleted. And if you're able to explore this tool (concept) with an open mind it might be one you use the most. Jen explains that our beliefs about a certain habit will directly affect our actions.

  1. Beliefs - We all have certain beliefs about things. Beliefs about money, our health, our bodies, what a relationship should look like, what a successful 35 year old female looks like, and so on. These beliefs are instilled throughout childhood and/or big moments in our lives. Difficult moments like being told we aren't cut out for something or when that relationship ended and we believed that we would never find someone better. Sometimes we let social media (and before that, Hollywood) trick us into believing that our bodies need to look a certain way in order to be truly happy. These beliefs run around in our minds controlling the show. 
  2. Thoughts and Words - Because of this mindset we tell ourselves things that reinforce those beliefs. If the belief was from childhood we may have been telling ourselves that we weren't good enough for a very long time. We then start to say things that further drive home this belief. For example, when we say things like "I can't do that cause I'm broke as a joke", or "Are you kidding me? I'm way too lazy to ever accomplish that" or "I will never look like her in a bathing suit", we are not only further drilling that FALSE belief into our minds, we are literally cutting off any hope of getting to a place where we are financially flush, running that race, and feeling like Ashley Graham in our bath suits. 
  3. Emotions - Imagine if someone followed you around and constantly told you those things? Eventually you would take the comments to heart and let them drag you down or you'd flick that person right in the forehead, three stooges style. Feelings of never being able to achieve something severely limits the actions you will or will not take. 
  4. Actions - Why bother working out if you'll never lose weight? Why change your spending habits if you're too broke to save any money? Why look for a different job or relationship if you're not worthy? Those emotions will kill your motivation and sabotage the efforts you do muster. 

Beliefs ----> Thoughts/Words ----> Emotions ----> Actions

You don't have to know anything other than what you believe about yourself can have serious affects on your success and happiness and you can absolutely change your beliefs. Simply start to peel the onion on the actions you are looking to change. Notice your words. Witness your emotions. Pay attention to your actions. Dig around to find what it is you believe. If you choose to no longer believe that then don't. Flip the script and find out what it is you truly want and believe in that! This may take some time and effort but once you believe you are worth it and you're thinking and speaking in positive manner, you will feel a sense of desire and confidence thatmakes taking action a much easy task. No willpower needed.