Morning Movement - Get Some!

One of my first goals with each new personal training client is to incorporate Morning Movement into their daily routines. As a non-morning person I understand how challenging this can be and how many excuses can keep this from becoming a habit. However, If you truly want to get fit and stay fit, this one habit can make a world of difference. REASONS TO GET MOVING EVERY MORNING:

  • Starts your day with energy and mental clarity.
  • Boosts your metabolism.
  • Sets a healthy intention for the rest of your day.
  • Eliminates the procrastination of fitting in workouts throughout the week.
  • Eliminates the excuses that arise throughout the day for not being able to exercise.

Now some might read this and say, "You want me to exercise EVERYDAY?" and I will answer "YES". I am not saying you have to do a 90 minute yoga session or be the first one at the gym. What I am saying is set aside at least 15 minutes every morning to get in some sort of movement. Depending on your goals and the stage in your fitness journey this can be a variety of  activities. Morning cardio is a wise choice for those looking to lean out, while a yoga and meditation session is good for those recovering from a workout/training event or those that just need a little quiet time before their hectic day starts.

Because my schedule and job allow me multiple opportunities throughout the day to exercise, I tend to catch a few extra winks in the mornings. However, every time I squeeze in my exercise before my day actually starts, I love life that day! I'm full of energy, my body feels loose and moves without any aches or pains, and I get to enjoy my evening reading or hanging with my Boo and Bullies without having any sort of non-exercisers remorse.


Give it a try. Wake up 20 minutes early for one week, step out your front door and jog 7 minutes down your street, then jog back. Throw in a couple of stretches and you are all set!!

Other Ideas for Morning Movements:

  • One of my Quickie Workouts
  • A morning yoga sequence
  • Walk your dogs
  • Crank your favorite playlist and dance your fat off! - My favorite Playlist right now
  • Jumping Rope
  • 20 Push Ups, 20 Squats, 20 Crunches
  • Swimming
  • Commute on bike or skate board to work
  • Yard Work
  • Hoola Hooping
  • Roller Skating
  • Whatever you enjoy doing!!

I posted this video on my old blog and am still in aw every time I see it! One day I will start my morning like this:

Get moving!!