Journaling Prompts

Here is a list of some basic journaling prompts that you can use to begin unfolding any thoughts that get stuck up in that noggin of yours.

  1. Find something to write in.

  2. Pick whichever one jumps out at you and give it a whirl.

  3. Do not censor your writing. Just let it flow out.

  4. Shoot for a time limit and just keep writing until the time is up. 3-5 minutes is a good place to start. Doodle for the rest of the time if you have to :)

  • If I weren't afraid I would...

  • What's blocking me from...?

  • What do I want most?

  • Whats hard? How can I invite in more love?

  • What do I desire from the next (time period; two weeks, 6 months)?

  • In what areas are you unsatisfied?

  • In what areas are you satisfied?

  • What would my best self do today?

  • How does my energy feel? What might help?

  • How does my body feel? What might help?

  • Do you need more structure/action/masculine?

  • Do you need more flow/creativity/feminine?

  • What needs to be healed?

  • How can I show my body more love?

  • Why do I want change?

Remember that journaling is a tool, one of many that should be in your all natural stress relief toolbox. It's okay if emotions arise during this process, as its just energy that needs to be let out. Often I feel completely relieved and often with more understanding of how to move forward. Journaling is a simple act of self care that can help you to navigate the tricky waters of your mind. Relax and just let it flow.