A Chest, Back + Core Workout that I am Scared to Show You!

I recorded this video months ago and have delayed posting it because it involves lots of push ups, which I suck at! The video shows me struggling to do modified push ups and at first I was slightly embarrassed to share this with the world. But, over the past few weeks I came to the conclusion that this is just plain silly.

Personal trainers are not super heroes. We have faults, bad habits, and exercises that we hate and therefore leave out of our workouts. I realized that my ego was preventing me from sharing a great workout because I didn't want to show my weaknesses, which is a very selfish act. I was afraid of what people might say or think about my skill or expertise. The fact that push ups and I are not friends, does not cancel out the fact that I have been helping people get fit, including learning to do push ups, for the past 8+ years. I need to let this fear go. Fears get bigger if we justify them. If we simply take a deep breath and face them, they become smaller until they no longer exist.

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