A Chest, Back + Core Workout that I am Scared to Show You!

I recorded this video months ago and have delayed posting it because it involves lots of push ups, which I suck at! The video shows me struggling to do modified push ups and at first I was slightly embarrassed to share this with the world. But, over the past few weeks I came to the conclusion that this is just plain silly.

Personal trainers are not super heroes. We have faults, bad habits, and exercises that we hate and therefore leave out of our workouts. I realized that my ego was preventing me from sharing a great workout because I didn't want to show my weaknesses, which is a very selfish act. I was afraid of what people might say or think about my skill or expertise. The fact that push ups and I are not friends, does not cancel out the fact that I have been helping people get fit, including learning to do push ups, for the past 8+ years. I need to let this fear go. Fears get bigger if we justify them. If we simply take a deep breath and face them, they become smaller until they no longer exist.

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Everyday Abs Level 2

Before you can build anything you must first create a solid foundation. The foundation of our bodies is our core. Every movement involves the core and it is our core that keeps us healthy. A strong core enables us to be active and have less chance of injury. It maintains our posture and our balance. A strong core allows us to keep up with our everyday activities and our sports and leisure activities. I have given you an Everyday Abs Level 1 workout that really focuses on the basic movements that keep the core strong. If you feel you need a little more challenge, give this Everyday Abs Level 2 workout a try. I incorporate some planks into this one and a great tune!!

Move Everyday. Eat Real Food. Drink Lots of Water. Get Quality Sleep. Food Journal.

Anywhere Workout

Need a quick workout that can be done anywhere? Look no further! Below is a Lower Body Workout and an Upper Body Workout that cane done separate (3-5 Rounds) or back to back (3 Rounds). No excuses now, do these workouts before you start your day for all day calorie burn. One round of either would make a great 15min Morning Movement workout!!

Air Squats - Keep the weight in your heels. You should be able to wiggle your toes at the bottom. To modify use a chair and practice sitting and standing without using your hands.

Jumping Jacks - Standard jumping jacks. To modify you can do big side steps instead.

Birdfeeders - The technical name of these is a SL Deadlift. Standing tall, tip forward on one leg while allowing the other leg to lift up behind you. Reach forward and down as far as you can while maintaining your balance. Start small!!

Lunges - You can actually do any lunge variation you would like: forward lunge, reverse lunge, side lunge, or curtsey lunge. Keep your knees from traveling to far over your front toes no matter which you choose.

Kick Backs - Standing up tall and while balancing on one leg, kick the other leg back in a controlled manner. You can place one hand on the back of a couch or a countertop to allow for complete control during the lift.

Bridges - Lying on your back, bend your knees up and place your feet flat about hips widths apart. Press through your heels to lift your buns off the mat. 50 pressing up and down, then hold at the top for 60 seconds!

If you want the total package, keep moving right into the Arm Workout.

Small Arm Circles - With your arms out to the side in a T position, make small circles with your arms. Alternate directions with each set.

Mountain Climbers - In a high push up position, bring one knee in towards your chest. From that position jump and switch knees, bringing the opposite knee up and in! To modify simply slow the movement down, no jumping. Or just hold the high push up position for 20 seconds.

Plank Shoulder Touches - In a high plank position, transfer the weight to one arm and take the free hand up to your opposite shoulder. Slowly switch sides trying to minimize any hip movement. To modify perform from a modified push up position on your knees.

Push Ups - Push Ups are no joke. Start with your hands on an elevated surface, such as a couch or counter top. Slowly make your way to the ground and start from your knees. No matter which option you do, make sure your belly button is tucked in as well as your tush!!

Tricep Chair Dips - Start seated on a chair or couch. Place your hands right outside your hips. Slowly lift you buns of the chair and move slightly forward so your hips are up and out front of the chair. While keeping your hip as close to the chair, bend your elbows and lower your hips towards the ground. Level 1 will be with 90 degrees in your knees, progressing until your legs are completely straight.

Field Goal Supermans - Lying on your stomach with your arms in a field goal position, lift your legs and chest off of the ground while pulling your elbows towards each other behind your back. Keep your gaze down as to not kink the back of your neck.

Low Plank Hold - Same as a push up position, but on your elbows instead of hands. Squeezing your belly button to your spine and tucking your hips under, hold for 60 seconds.